Sustainability &
LEED Services

We believe that it is important to incorporate sustainable principles into each project which ultimately maximizes a project’s value. Incorporating sustainability principles reduces building operational costs, improves building performance, increases rental returns and resale value, reduces environmental impacts, and promotes healthier employees.

Building Assessment

We can provide information about the efficiency of the operation of your building. We can methodically assess your building's current systems and materials and suggest potential strategies for energy improvements to increase the building's overall efficiency.

Energy Modeling

We can develop a quantifiable model of your building’s behavior and project energy use profile. This model can be used to project energy usage and costs and evaluate alternatives.

Renewable Energy

We can model and deliver turnkey renewable energy alternative solutions, including geothermal, solar, and co-generation technology.

LEED Assessment & Management

We assess your building design for LEED strategies and scoring criteria and we will manage design and construction protocols so you can achieve your intended LEED certification.