We are a Commercial Contractor and Construction Manager headquartered in Colorado Springs serving Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California, Kansas, and Wyoming. We opened our doors in 2003, branding ourselves as a boutique style Construction Manager, targeting under-served projects in Colorado Springs.

We offer a variety of services and regularly take on roles such as development partner, general contractor, construction manager, program manager, and design-builder.

We are seekers of innovation. We believe that innovation is not separate from company culture. Colarelli Construction is adapting and creating changes in the construction industry. We believe that innovation creates new value for an organization and as we have launched our Innovation Initiative, we aim to deviate from the legacy business and continue to evolve and grow. We strive to ask questions and seek answers. When we find that the answers do not yet exist, we look for a partner to help us find the answer.

Our approach is complex, sophisticated, and multilayered with an emphasis on creating synergy among the many teammates within our value chain. We facilitate the creation of new solutions and partner with our clients to ensure that each project is designed to be uniquely successful.

Years of a experience has lead us to successfully complete a wide variety of project types including tenant finishes, healthcare facilities, religious venues, hospitality service, financial institutions, education institutions, mission critical facilities, retail spaces, office units, arts and entertainment venues, as well as residential properties.

We offer the following services:

Development Management

We successfully plan and execute projects from initiation through completion.


We account for the cradle to grave implications of our design and construction decisions.

Design Build

We meld design with construction to optimize process and outcome.

Project Assessments

We thoroughly plan, assess, and evaluate the potential for projects working to minimize risk and potential impacts to our partners.

Construction Management

We plan, coordinate, and control projects from start to finish.

General Contracting

We take responsibility for the overall coordination of construction projects.

Pre Construction

We plan and prepare projects before design and construction begins.


We provide highly qualified craftsmen who have gone through extensive safety training.

Who We Are

Colarelli Construction is a general contracting and construction management company located near Colorado Springs, Colorado. We specialize in construct planning and development, and offer experienced commercial property building for various industries. Colarelli Construction proudly delivers construction services throughout Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Wyoming.

What We Offer

Colarelli Construction offers project development, pre-construction, design-build, construction management, general contracting, and sustainability/LEED services. We offer self-performance for certain trades and we work collaboratively to deliver customer-focused, community-centered projects.

Our Experience

Our commercial building experience spans several industries to include healthcare, religious, education, financial, and industrial sectors. We have also worked in hospitality, arts and entertainment, and retail. Additionally, we are proud to have served mission critical projects. For more information, please visit our [FAQ] or learn about our [residential division] that specializes in custom home construction.

Colarelli Custom Homes

Colarelli Custom Homes is a subsidiary of general contractor Colarelli Construction. Colarelli Custom Homes was established in 2009 after Colarelli Construction decided to branch outside of commercial construction specialty. Having a foundation built off of Colarelli Construction allows Colarelli Custom Homes to utilize the efficiencies, support and organization of the commercial construction division, while preserving the personal approach to the design, budget, schedule and construction of your home.
Even with our proven procedures, the facts are that construction comes with changes, hiccups and bumps in the road as you design and build your home. Anyone who tells you differently isn’t the builder for you. The difference is in the way Colarelli Custom handles those interruptions. Our team has decades of experience designing and then refining a process to minimize the foreseeable disruptions and accommodate the unforeseen along the way while building or remodeling your home.
No matter what happens, Colarelli Custom Homes will be your partner throughout the process.