Project Assessment

Project Assessment

Project Assessment is the analysis of a project’s scope, scale, viability, objectives, impacts and the need of the project. We additionally assess the project’s stakeholders, risks, schedule, and those groups and processes that will be impacted. We believe that evaluation paves the way to project improvements leading to the creation and protection of the project’s value. Project Assessment additionally allows for the following:

It allows us to adapt our best practices to each individual project ensuring its success.

The deep dive of a project assessment allows the preconstruction team to have well rounded understanding of the project. While our firm has developed an umbrella of “best practices”, a project assessment will more clearly define the needs of the project, giving our team the tools we need to adapt our best practices to the specific project.

It allows us to address uncertainty.

The extensive analysis done during a Project Assessment gives the preconstruction team an opportunity to explore and define uncertainty prior to the start of the project. Once uncertainties are defined, the team will be able to address them head on and prepare for potential risks ahead of time.

It allows us to provide transparent and timely information.

Project Assessments create valuable and useable information that will directly impact the project. Having that information readily available prior to the start of the project, sets the stage for transparency.

It allows us to assess costs and effectiveness.

Evaluating the costs and effectiveness during a Project Assessment will create opportunities for value engineering and other cost saving measures.

It allows us to assess environmental and social impact.

The Project Assessment will give the project team an opportunity to deeply analyze the project’s impact on all stakeholders, including the environment and community in which the project will be constructed.

It allows us to evaluate the adequacy of the implementation of the project.

Most importantly, a Project Assessment will provide insight to the need for the project and the results or impact it will have. Evaluating the adequacy of the implementation of the project will create an opportunity to explore different ways to execute the project, confirming that the current course of action will be the most effective.