Design Build

Design Build Services

Through the design-build method, we assume responsibility for all phases of design and construction. This includes all architectural design, planning, site preparation, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and construction. This method streamlines the process by providing the client with one point of contact and one contract for the entirety of the project.

Acting as the design-builder, Colarelli Construction can choose architecture and engineering firms with relevant experience for your project. Then, we assemble a design team and work with them to create a cost-efficient and effective plan for your building or space. By working with the design team from the beginning, this process is cost-efficient, enhances communication, and ensures precise schedule creation.

Project Conceptualization

With in-house design capabilities, Colarelli Construction can help you translate a vision into a plan, and then outline a roadmap to deliver it moving forward. Key to this early stage is the development of a model to determine feasibility and market availability of the project. With the experience and resources in house, Colarelli Construction can work with you early on to discover the value of your project.

Project Team Selection

As your design-builder, we choose architecture and engineering firms with relevant experience for your project. You will also be paired with a project manager, who creates estimates and develops your budget, as well as a superintendent, who manages onsite construction activity.

Project Budgeting

As design evolves we establish benchmark budgets and cost analysis for you and the team to guide design decisions and expectations along the way.

Project Scheduling

We will develop a schedule that includes all non-construction related activities as well as construction activities to give you an accurate timeline for your project’s completion. Our schedules consider permitting requirements, material lead times, as well as design decision-making and approval processes. In the end, you will have a comprehensive schedule that provides a finished product in the most efficient timeline possible.

Modeling & Sensitivity Analysis

Evaluation of different building systems is a key component and aid in the design process. We analyze each system within the facility (or systems to be included within the facility) early on in the design process. Our objective is to develop an assessment which allows us to recommend the most appropriate system selection for items such as the building's foundation, roof, or mechanical arrangements.