United States Air Force Academy North End Zone Locker Room

The AFA North End Zone Locker room was originally constructed in 1962 with a few renovations through the nineties. This was the first full remodel/renovation in over 25 years. The project included a state of the art game day home team locker room with 110 custom made lockers and 3 other auxiliary locker rooms for coaches, managers and the spirit team. It includes a full training room, press/media room. medical and x-ray rooms, and a green room for distinguished guests. The renovation additionally provided ADA access to the locker room and field.

The Scope

The finish floor sits 26' below the concourse creating construction access challenges. Work began but cutting through 30" thick concrete walls for new entrances into the locker room. Construction included utility upgrades, dirt work, 4,000 sf of renovation and 12,000 sf of new space as well as high end finishes and FFE install.

The Outcome

Construction took place around an open stadium and during events such as lacrosse games, major concerts, charity events, and an annual graduation ceremony. Colarelli Construction worked with the Athletic Department, USAFA, Doners and the design team to significantly redesign the entire project to meet budget constraints without sacrificing quality, square footage, or design detail all while maintaining a tight schedule.