Our Core

servant leadership

A servant leader is a servant first – we believe that with a conscious choice to serve, leadership follows.

A philosophy of service puts the needs of our customers first and in doing so creates a culture where performance is based on the achievements of others. As a company, we are stewards of our clients, committed to the growth of our people, and value the partnerships that we build in the process. As partners, we care about the unique challenges which threaten our clients’ success. We are committed to listening and striving to being aware of the needs of others. We are continuous learners as we nurture ideas and creativity.

Servant leadership begins with a commitment to three fundamental and foundational responsibilities

Stewardship – we hold ourselves accountable for the decisions that we make.
Commitment to Growth of the People – we believe in the intrinsic value of people.
Building Community – we believe in the value of relationships among people.

When interacting with others, the Servant Leaders focus on:

Empathy – the leader strives to understand and recognize specific conditions and the unique spirit of each individual.
Affirming – the leader strives to become involved with, and make each individual capable and fulfilled.

Characteristics of the Servant Leader’s management approach includes the following five behaviors:

Listening – the leader seeks to identify the will of the group and takes time to reflect on what is said.
Awareness – the leader is sharply awake and keenly aware.
Persuasion – the leader seeks to convince rather than coerce compliance through authority or manipulation.
Conceptualization – the leader seeks to nurture other’s ability to dream and expand their perspectives.
Foresight – the leader seeks to foresee the likely outcome of any situation and learn from the past.

Social Impact

We are proud to be a part of the Colorado Springs community and are dedicated to activities, projects, and practices that are in its best interest. With every project we consider the impact on the well-being of individuals and families associated with its realization. Our Social Impact Strategy includes the involvement of partners and stakeholders into the decision making process, the use of technology to increase collaboration and sharing of information while increasing efficiency, and the thoughtful and objective assessment of its impact.

Community Involvement

Fostering Hope

Fostering Hope strives to create an extended family that surrounds and supports foster families. Additionally, they support teens and young adults as they age out of foster care and establish their independence. They do this with the help of a community of volunteers and community partners, including faith communities, businesses and other nonprofits. Please join us in supporting Fostering Hope.