Preconstruction Services:

Preconstruction services include all of the planning that goes into a construction project before the actual construction begins. At Colarelli Construction, we believe that more time spent preparing to build the better. Our experience tells us that the more focus preconstruction is given the smoother the project will run. If a project is ran in the most efficient manner possible additional costs will be minimized and construction time could be reduced. All of our preconstruction services help our clients create an efficient construction plan, increase savings, and prepare for potential obstacles that could arise throughout the building process.

Cost Estimating

To provide our clients with the best possible estimate we are committed to analyzing every detail of the project program and design. We will provide an estimate that is based off of the building components, anticipated systems and market conditions. If the estimate is over our clients’ budget we will work with them to find alternatives (value engineering items, design changes, schedule changes, etc.) to lower the overall cost.

Value Engineering

We can offer our clients value engineering (VE) [also called value analysis (VA)] recommendations to help lower project costs. This process includes research to find alternate materials, methods and equipment to construct your project that are offered at a lower cost than what is already being included.

Schedule Development

We recognize that our clients’ time is important and that they want to complete their project successfully within the shortest period possible. We work with our clients’ and their design team to create a project schedule that does just this. All Colarelli Construction clients will be given a schedule that outlines key benchmarks throughout the process before construction begins so they can easily keep track of the project. Our team members use this schedule and meet all benchmark deadlines – delivering you a project on time.

Subcontractor Collaboration

Colarelli Construction uses subcontractor companies who specialize in different construction trades to complete each project. All of the companies that subcontract with us are required to go through a qualification process as well as submit insurance and legal documentation showing they are legitimate and capable of performing the tasks we need. We have had the opportunity to develop many long lasting relationships with subcontracting companies of which we have used on many projects. These relationships allow for better communication on the project site during construction.

Sustainability Analysis

If you want to maximize your building’s sustainability and efficiency we can show you how. We offer our clients insight and recommendations on how to do this. If you are looking to save money running your building or space in the long haul there are many options we can show you. Many of our team members have LEED certifications and we have many projects included in our portfolio where we have successfully incorporated sustainability systems and processes.

Protocol Planning

Before construction starts we come up with a protocol plan that covers our clients’ needs. Some clients’ prefer to have weekly meetings on the job sites to get updated on construction progress while others prefer an email or a phone call. You will be designated a project team that will work closely with you throughout the entire process, and we will come up with a plan of communication so you can be informed and involved (as much as you want to be). Each project and client is different. We will work with you to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

Constructability Recommendations

Our team members have architectural experience and can aid clients with constructability recommendations. If you are needing help deciding how to build your space or building that maximizes utility, we can help you come up with new ideas and solutions.