General Contracting Services:

As your general contractor we will be responsible for the overall coordination of your construction project. We will provide a structure where our client, major stakeholders, architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers can construct a project in the fastest time possible and in a method that benefits all parties. We are ready to provide you with a long list of items that will make sure your project runs efficiently.

Schedule Development & Control

We will develop a schedule for your project that will get you the results you want fast. We develop a schedule that accounts for all construction trades that will be conducted throughout the duration of the process. Onsite team members manage all ongoing activity in relation to the developed schedule. We keep daily logs and two-week look ahead schedules to make sure we stay on track so we can deliver your completed project on time.

Construction Supervision

All projects are assigned a team consisting of a project manager and superintendent that stay with the project from precosntruction to completion. At all times the project site is managed by the superintendent. The superintendent will manage the construction schedule, subcontractor activity, material deliveries and our company labor force. The project manager will keep track of the budget, oversee all subcontracts, process payment applications, and communicate all project information with architects, engineers and client(s).

Safety Assurance

Our safety management protocols ensure that we analyze all leading indicators to predict safety hazards before they occur. We believe pre-planning significantly reduces the occurrence of safety risks and danger. We conduct weekly safety meetings to make sure that all work is safety compliant and that we address any occurring issues or challenges. Our team members working in the field have participated in OSHA and First Aid/CPR training.

Subcontractor Management

We bring in subcontracting companies and suppliers that are capable of doing the work and providing materials in an efficient manner. All subcontractors undergo a qualification process where their skills are assessed. This well-structured procedure ensures that we bring experienced and capable companies to your project. Throughout construction we will monitor the work of the subcontracting companies, keeping them on schedule and making sure their work is satisfactory.

Cost Monitoring

We establish a baseline budget and use it to measure actual costs against projections. We use these reports to measure performance and identify area requiring management attention. Our project management team reviews project costs on a weekly basis which allows us to make sure budgets stay on track.

Warranty Management

Our construction services and partnerships with our clients do not stop when they take possession of their space. We will be by your side as you grow into your building. We provide specific warranties to all of our projects in addition to providing warranties and maintenance information from subcontracting companies who have provided their services. If you have an issue with an item in your space during the warranty period and want us to look at it we will make it our top priority to get it fixed.